"El Jimador" is the name given to the experienced farmer who selects and cultivates the legendary and unique Blue Agave, Nature’s most precious gift to Mexico.

The man whose most very basic instinct commands respect for these plants, whose knowing eyes identify those, which after ten years of cultivation, have reached maturity, and whose strength and skilled management of his tools, bring the finest speciments to harvest. It is the fruit of only these finest plants which we use to produce this most excellent of Tequilas. We proudly name Tequila "El Jimador" in honour of these men, and we proudly present to the world the fruit of their labour.

Tequila "El Jimador" Gold (Reposado)

100% Barrel Matured for 3 months in white oak casks, imported from Kentucky and the Cognac region. The complex interaction of the wood with the spirit results in a delightfully smooth Tequila, which, sipped straight in a Cognac snifter, or mixed to produce premium cocktails, brings the exotic flavour of Mexico alive. This is a Tequila which is causing veritable havoc in Jalisco, the traditional Tequila State of Mexico.
  • Agave and Wood
  • Soft
  • Clear colour, not caramel
  • Spicy

Tequila "El Jimador" Silver (Blanco)

A Tequila left to ponder for 40 days in oak vats. This, sipped straight, is a Tequila for traditionalists, one which gives the sensation of the "campo", and a favourite of the "Jimadores". Ideal, also, for the most popular or imaginative of cocktails.

    • Fruity
    • Agave Flavour
    • Herbs and Spices
    • No Wood





The Tequila which is causing commotion in Jalisco
"El Jimador" is the name given to the experienced farmers who select and cultivate the unique Blue Agave Plant, the raw material of true Tequila. This plant, Nature’s most precious gift to Mexico, takes ten years of careful cultivation to reach maturity. It is hand picked and cropped, and it takes a fine eye to select the quality Agave which is used for our Tequilas.

In honour of these experts, we are proud to present Tequila "El Jimador".

* 100% Blue Agave – (Variedad Tequilana Weber), unlike the majority of Tequilas on the market which use only 51% Blue Agave.

* 100% Natural – No artificial additives, yeasts, flavourings or colourants are used. Tequila Herradura, S.A. de C.V. is the only Tequila producer with the right to use the word "NATURAL" on its labels, as approved by the United States B.A.T.F.

* 100% Estate Bottled – All our Tequila is bottled at Origin amongst the majestic arcs of the Hacienda San José del Refugio. We believe in tight quality control until the top goes on the bottle.

Tequila "El Jimador" is a "gold" Tequila aged in the finest oak barrels. The wood imparts its NATURAL colouring to this fine Tequila.

Order now and enjoy the taste of true Mexico.