Tequila Herradura is a singularly unique product, 100% Natural, 100% Blue Agave, 100% Estate Bottled. The company, which is quintessentially Mexican, has been established since 1870.

Honour of tradition, combined with a minute attention to detail and quality, have paved the way for this, the finest of all Tequila, the most sought after in Mexico. It is to be savoured neat, or if preferred mixed to make a premium cocktail. Whichever way you like it, Tequila Herradura gives you the taste of authenticity, of true Tequila, of Mexico.

Tequila Herradura undergoes an elaborate process of production, which is very similar to that of Cognac. It begins with the careful cultivation of the agave plant, which has around a ten-year maturation period. Selection and harvesting follows and the "pinas" or "hearts" are slowly cooked in clay ovens. Natural fermentation and double distillation of the extracted juice precede the transfer of the Tequila to the finest oak barrels, where it ages for varying lengths of time in our cellars. The wood imparts its natural colour to the Tequila, and no artificial colouring is needed. The finished product is then bottled on our Estate, and the rich, unique taste reflects the care taken in each step.

An official inspector of "SECOFI", the governmental body responsible for certifying Tequila, checks and monitors each and every stage of the process, verifying the unequalled quality of Tequila Herradura.


Herradura Añejo Herradura Gold (Reposado)

  •  Aged for around 2 years

  •  Aged for around 1 year

  • Dry

  • Salty

  • Orange peel

  • Wooden

  • Sweet

  • Cinammon

  • Wood

Herradura Silver

  • Aged in oak for around 40 days

  • Herbal

  • Citrus

  • Sweet

  •  Light Wood





The Secret Is Out !

Until now very few people knew about Tequila Herradura. Yet, among those in the know, it is universally accepted as the best Tequila in the world, the smoothest, the most mellow, the best tasting. In fact, loyal Herradura drinkers find its taste so uniquely satisfying they will only drink it straight, one sip at a time. What they also know is, Tequila Herradura makes the best Margaritas, Salty Dogs and the best Tequila Screwdrivers ever poured.

What makes Tequila Herradura the best ?

The label says it all.

"NATURAL" because it contains no sugar, no additives and no caramel colouring.

"100% BLUE AGAVE", unlike others, which use 51% regular agave and add sugar or molasses.

"ESTATE BOTTLED" on the Herradura Plantation.

You won’t find these words on any other Tequila label, because they are not true for any other brand. It takes 10 years for a blue agave plant to mature….and we wait for it! Our patience has been rewarded. The world is discovering Tequila Herradura.
The secret is out, and we would like to share it with you.